A tudat képzésének hét pontja

Augusztus 23-26 Sherab Gyalcen rinpocse tanításokat ad a tudat képzésének hét pontjáról. Az eredeti szöveg Atisha (Wikipedia), a híres indiai buddhista tanító nevéhez fűződik. A tanítás az énközpontú beállítottság megfordításáról szól, mely nélkül csak ábránd a gyémánt út szemlélet használata.

A Karma-kagyu vonal második tanítója Shamar rinpocse tanítása szolgáljon alább bevezetőként azoknak, akik el szeretnének jönni Becskére, hogy többet tudjanak meg a tudat képzéséről.

The Seven Points of Mind Training of Atisha
The Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche


The Seven Points of Mind Training is at the heart of the Sutra and Tantra teachings in the Mahayana tradition; they are the skilful means of practice. The Indian sage, Atisha, composed the text later introduced in Tibet. There it spread widely and became the essential teaching practised by all the lamas. Whatever our practice is, this mind training consists of advice which will definitely deepen it. Whether we meditate in the tradition of Mahamudra, Dzogchen, or the yidam practice of Dorje Phagmo, or Khorlo Demchok – in fact all tantric practices at whatever tantric level (be it charya, kriya, yoga, or anuttarayoga), our practice does not have real significance without mind training. Such training is essential for any tantric practice, since it ensures the removal of obstacles along the path.

What are the seven points?


The meaning of the preliminaries is to reflect on the Four Thoughts that turn the mind towards Enlightenment. No further elaboration is given here, as most of you are already very familiar with it.


There are two aspects to Bodhicitta. They are the ultimate and relative bodhicitta representing the union of wisdom and skilful means. To develop ultimate Bodhicitta, we have to meditate. Meditation comprises of three phases: the introduction, the body of the practice, and post-meditation.

Ultimate Bodhicitta - the introduction

In the introduction, first reflect that you are really in the presence of your Lama or the Deity of meditation. If you are in a temple, you will likely be facing Buddha statues on a shrine. Think that all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are appearing in front of you and offer them the Seven-Branch Prayer. Then straighten your body and sit in the seven-point posture. Let your mind rest on your breathing for twenty-one complete breaths so as to calm and stabilize the mind.

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